Things to improve educational value of any book or story
Preview and read the children book yourself.
Designate a special time for reading.
Read to or along with your children.
Ask the children what happens in the stories.
Clear up any misconceptions the children may have about the events of the stories.
Create a word list for the children to spell and define.
Search for “real life” examples or similar experiences.
Keep the book ideas alive with questions, adventure, experiments etc, for at least a week.
Be sure to incorporate the dictionary, encyclopedia, other references, the internet, television, etc.
Allow the story to lead into an educational subject.
Create written or oral tests from the story & related facts.
Read or have the child re-read books twice or more.

TO RECOGNIZE READINESS: Verbal or non-verbal signs that a child relays that indicates that they are receptive to advance learning or additional information.
Child picks up a book on their own.
Child requests a book to be read or re-read to them.
Child pays attention through and entire story or book.
Child identifies characters by image and name.
Child begins to model and imitate the characters.
Child recognizes similarities and differences of characters.
Child identifies family of which the characters belong.
Child identifies a favorite book or character.
Child recognizes right and wrong behaviors of the characters.
Child identifies elements of the story's setting.
Child begins counting, labeling items and images.
Child begins to ask how, what, when, where, etc.
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Top Award Incorporated is a domestic profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia.

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Mister Wilson, a graduate of Auburn University Montgomery and proud father of five children. He is the founder of Top Award Inc. and its divisions Top Award Publishing and Promotions, A STORY and A STORY PLUS
Mister Wilson is the author of The Perils of Cory the Caterpillar, Arron the Royal Archer, The Legend of Thompson the Gazelle, The Arrival of Grand Princess Leandria, The Path of the Little Porcupine, The Message of the Writing Spider.
He is a prolific writer who has developed nearly 1000 children books and related products. Many of these offerings will be available soon via A STORY,, etc.
Mister Wilson is kingly interest in the development of children literature capable of measurably increasing knowledge, retention, test performance and other life enhancing skills. He is committed to developing children books into more effective educational tools. To this end, he has written numerous forums, blogs, criterion for the selection of quality children books and other parent–teacher guides.

Publisher: A StoryPlus a division of Top Award Inc.
Author: Mister Wilson
Category: Children Literature, Activity and Education Binding/ Length: 8”X 10” Hardcover, 64 pages/each Retail price: $15.00 each Illustrations: Original full color art, 1:1 image to page ratio
Additions: Plus content featuring activities, facts, vocabulary, test, reader's guide and more

The Perils Of Cory The Caterpillar
ISBN 0977847705
LCCN 2007905582

The Arrival Of Grand Princess Leandria
ISBN 0977847756
LCCN 2007905587

The Message Of The Writing Spider
ISBN 0977847713
LCCN 2007905583

Arron The Royal Archer
ISBN 097784773X
LCCN 2007905585

The Path Of The Little Porcupine
ISBN 0977847721
LCCN 2007905584

The Legend Of Thompson The Gazelle
ISBN 0977847748
LCCN 2007905586

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Children Books Must Earn Passage to Our Children

Advertisements and promotions often drive sales of children goods. Marketing plays a huge role in the distribution and sales of children books. Parents, teachers, librarians and others responsible for their acquisition are affected and often persuaded by hype.

But popular does not always mean good or beneficial. But often time we find ourselves yielding the passage of books to our children without sending them through the proper evaluative processes. If we allow a book to pass we may have no idea what its' benefits or consequences will be for our children. It may lead them into harm’s way, cause them to make miscalculations or set back many advances made by our children.

The criteria used to evaluate the children book's content should include items related to their ability to entertain, educate and inspire. These components will vary greatly in their contributions depending on the selection and type of books chosen. A blend or balance of these three components is most desired. No children books should be purchased and allow passage to children without scrutiny. It is reasonable that some books purchased should be solely for the fun, joy, laughter and amusement of the children. But even these should have to clear a high bar to gain passage to the children.

Our general reluctance to scrutinize children books must be overcome so that we choose the best and most beneficial books for our children. The contemporary demands of children command us to weed out the least beneficial and allow only those children book that earn passage to gain passage.